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Position of water supply in towns, civil sub-divisions


1. Water is supplied in Shillong municipality area from :- 

(i) Municipal Sources and 
(ii) Greater Shillong water supply scheme (G.S.W.S.S.) 
Outside Shillong Municipality area but within Shillong urban Agglomeration, water is supplied from the following water supply schemes, which were implemented & being maintained by PHED: -
(i) Mawlai Umsohlang WSS for Mawlai.
(ii) Pynthorumkhrah WSS for Pynthorumkhrah.
(iii) Umkhen WSS & Lum Demthring for Nongthymmai area.
(iv) Nongmynsong WSS for Nongmynsong area.

The following water supply schemes in Shillong Urban agglomeration were implemented by PHED but maintenance is done by the local committee.

(i) Madanrting WSS for Madanrting area.
(ii) Pohkseh WSS & Lawjynriew Lumiablot WSS for Nongthymmai area.
In Mawlai &Nonthymmai area, supply is also made from GSWSS. In areas outside Shillong Municipality, the supply position is more or less adequate & since one single agency i.e. PHED is looking after the operation, there is no problem encountered in day to day maintaining the supply. 

2. For Shillong Municipal area, Shillong Municipal Board (SMB) is generating and distributing water to Shillong from Seven Municipal Sources including day to day maintenance of the system. The Quantity of water available from the sources is about 0.7 MGD ,which is reducing due to deforestation etc. PHE Dept. has taken up scheme for integration of Municipal sources in which tapping points have been repaired, damaged pipeline etc replaced, new STCs & treatment Plants constructed. In few cases these works are at final stages of completion. By taking up of these measures, discharge from all the sources have increased significantly.

3. The responsibility of P.H.E.D. in Shillong Municipality area is to generate required quantity of water from Greater Shillong water supply scheme at Mawphlang Treatment Plant and release to 13 Zonal Reservoirs located in different parts of Shillong City for distribution of water to consumers. The water distribution system is designed for drawal of individual house connection from the common point provided in the distribution network. However, presently water is supplied through zonal reservoirs. Excepting few localities, the house owners are yet to switch over to the new system and it is difficult to ensure sustained and equitable supply till this change over is affected. The Department has also approached local leaders and Public representatives to motivate the consumers to switch over to the system provided in the network. Till such time, the system of supplying water from GSWSS through zonal reservoirs will have to be continued & involvement of two agencies cannot be avoided. The position of laying of distribution network in different zones under GSWSS are as below:-










Mawprem, Jaiaw, Mawkhar, SouthEast Mawkhar, Barapathar.










Police Bazar, Jail Road, Oakland, Assembly Areas





Lachumiere,Secretariat Hill




In Forest Colony & Lawmali area, water is supplied through SMB tank. In Polo Hills, Golf Link and Polo, Mawpun Club area, Pynthor and 4th Furlong, water supply to entire zone has been provided from laid pipe lines of  GSWSSS. These localities are also getting water from Local sources.

Pasteur institute, Lawmali, part of Mawlai Mawroh, Polo Bazar, Polo Hills, Forest Colony, Nongmali









Completed . In Laban & Kenches trace, water is supplied through Zonal Tanks/Municipality Tank. In Rilbong area, the water from GSWSS has been supplied to house owners through municipality pipe line. 

Laban, Bishnupur, Rilbong, Kenches Trace




Work completed. Water released  in Nongrim Hills, Lawjynriew, Nongshilliang, and Lumiablot. Testing is in progress for areas of Pohkseh & Rynjah.

Nongthymmai, Umpling, Rynjah




Work completed &  testing is in progress.

Malki, Dhankheti area

However, the design quantity of 135 LPCD in both these zones can be supplied only after replacement of Stage-II pumps, which can be completed at the earliest by December 2007. 
4. The Water available at present for Shillong City from Greater Shillong Water Supply Scheme is approximately 4.5 MGD and 0.7 MGD from Municipal Sources, totaling to 5.20 MGD which is more or less sufficient for present population of the City . For the ultimate population, the requirement is 11.30 MGD which is required to be pumped and for which necessary infrastructure like Treatment Plant of additional Capacity of 3.8 MGD has been constructed . This however can be put to operation only after replacement of Stage – I & II pumps & motors, which are very old. For replacement of Stage-I pumping machinaries the Dept. has already taken steps & the efforts are being made for completing the works as early as possible. For Stage-II pumps, tenders will be finalized shortly & the works are likely to be completed within March 2007.

5. With the completion of the Dam, the problem of pumping water due to low water level during dry season has been solved. Further with the construction of the Dam, sufficient water has been impounded for pumping throughout the year. Hence after the replacement of pumps & motors of both stage I & II, the supply position in Shillong city will definitely improve. 
6. To further increase supply of water from Mawphlang to Shillong City , it is proposed to delink the supply main of water to the en-route villages from G.S.W.S.S. and for this the work is in progress by means of an independent scheme. With separation of water supply to en-route villages by March, 2006 the quantity available to Shillong will further improve. However , with the available quantity of 5.2 MGD from Greater Shillong Water Supply Scheme and Municipal sources there should not be any shortage of water for the population presently fed from G.S.W.S.
7. Since last year the Government has constituted a team headed by the Deputy Commissioner East Khasi Hills assisted by his Magistrates, for day to day monitoring of water supply to different localities of Shillong. As per Deputy Commissioner’s Daily Report during the current year there is no scarcity of water in localities which have been provided with drinking water from Greater Shillong Water Supply Scheme and Municipal Sources.
Tura town is presently supplied water from two schemes namely (1) Tura Phase-I WSS (2) Tura Phase-II WSS.
Tura Phase-I is gravity feed scheme from Rongkhon River and completed in 1972 at a cost of Rs.79.35 Lakhs. Due to reduction in discharge of Rongkhon source, especially during dry periods, Tura Phase-II WSS, a pumping scheme from Ganol River, was taken up in the year 1980. The scheme was commissioned in 1985 at a cost of Rs.482.00 Lakhs. Both the schemes are functioning & presently approx.3.1 MGD of water is generated from the schemes. 

To cater to the drinking water needs of 37 new localities which have come up in and around New Tura, which are without water supply Tura Phase-III WSS was formulated and was technically cleared by the Ministry of Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation, CPHEEO, New Delhi on 7.10.2002 for an amount of Rs.2160.24 Lakhs. The scheme has been included by DONER (Dept. for development of NorthEastern Region) for funding under Non Lapsable Central Pool of Resources (NLCPR) during 2002-03. The works for the scheme is in progress.
3. Jowai 
The existing water supply in Jowai town is by pumping water from Myntdu River. The scheme was implemented in two Phases namely Phase-I&II in the year 1980 & 1985 at a cost of Rs.95.00 Lakhs & Rs.25.00 Lakhs respectively.

There was all round public resentment against tapping of water from the existing Myntdu River, where sewage, sullage, garbage of the major part of the Jowai town is disposed. Further, the design period of the existing scheme will reach by the year 2004 & there is a need to take up new schemes to meet the water demand of the entire population. Accordingly the Renovation Scheme for Jowai town was formulated, which was technically cleared by the Ministry of Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation, CPHEEO, New Delhi vide on 25.10.2002 for an amount of Rs.1541.13 Lakhs. The proposal envisages pumping of water from an alternative source, laying of distribution network in portion damaged & inaccessible for repairing due to coming up of innumerable RCC structures over the pipe line alignment, so as to stop wastage of water & minimize the loss in transmission The scheme has been included by DONER (Dept. for development of North Eastern Region) for funding under Non Lapsable Central Pool of Resources (NLCPR) during 2002-03. The work for the scheme has started.
Present water Supply in Baghmara town is from Baghmara Civil Sub Divisional Complex WSS, gravity feed scheme, covering 17 habitations. The Scheme was sanctioned in the year 1987 &completed at a cost of Rs.324.06 Lakhs in 1998 in all respect. The scheme is functioning & water is supplied to Baghmara town, Baghmara District Head Quarter & en-route villages. 
As the existing water supply arrangement in Baghmara town is inadequate, an improvement scheme was sanctioned in the year 2001 at an estimated cost of Rs.386.10 Lakhs to benefit an ultimate population of 17000 @ 70 LPCD. The scheme is under Accelerated urban Water Supply Program (AUWSP) of Govt. of India to be funded on 50:50 basis by State & Central Govt. The Govt. of India has released full share of Rs.193.05 Lakhs. The works are in good progress.
At present there are three gravity feed schemes for Cherrapunjee town namely (1) Upper Cherra WSS (2) Middle Cherra WSS (3) Lower Cherra WSS. However, due to reduction in discharge of the sources for these schemes & increase in population, the present water supply is not sufficient. For solving water scarcity of Cherrapunjee town, a Scheme was sanctioned under Central Sector Accelerated Rural Water Supply Program (ARWSP) for Rs.413.24 Lakhs in the year 1999.The scheme envisages covering 17habitations with ultimate population to be benefited is25451. 70% of the population will be supplied @ 70 LPCD &balance 30% @ 40 LPCD. The dam and main pipeline works are completed. However, the execution work for treatment Plant was delayed due to failure of the contractor. The work has been realloted to new contractor & the work started recently.

Though there are few water supply schemes for Resubelpara & its surrounding villages, but water supply is not adequate. Further Resubelpara Civil Sub Division Complex is also without proper water supply.
A gravity feed scheme was taken up for Resubelpara & its adjoining villages including Civil Sub Divisional Complex under State Sector Rural water Supply Program during the year 1997 for Rs.385.90 Lakhs, for which the works are in progress .
Water Supply in Khliehriat is by a gravity scheme completed in the year 1982 with an amount of Rs.9.26 Lakhs. The scheme was functioning satisfactorily up to 1996 .Due to coal mining activity at the upstream of the intake point the water became acidic and was unfit for human consumption. Accordingly, the gravity scheme was abandoned.11 nos. of hand pumps were installed for immediate relief in the year 1997. Presently, 9 nos. of hand pumps are functioning & 2 nos. are defunct due to collapse of bores.
For permanent solution of drinking water to Khliehriat area, a pumping scheme covering Rymbai, Khliehriat & surrounding villages has been sanctioned recently under State Sector Rural Water Supply Programme. The works for which will be started during 2006-07.
The present Water Supply in Williamnagar town is from Simsanggiri WSS, a pumping scheme commissioned in the year 1987.A gravity feed augmentation scheme for the town was sanctioned under Accelerated Urban Water Supply Program of Govt. of India with 50:50 funding by Central & State Govt. for an amount of Rs.195.63 Lakhs in the year 1996.The scheme was commissioned in March 2005 . With this, the water flows directly by gravity to the treatment plant & the old system of pumping water, which was difficult to operate specially during rainy season, has been dispensed with.

Nongpoh WSS, a gravity feed scheme, was sanctioned for Rs.98.17 Lakhs during 84-85 & commissioned in the year 1987-88 covering Nongpoh & its adjoining villages. The intake point of the source for Nongpoh WSS became polluted because of man made activities. To improve the quality of water, the shifting of the intake point was necessary, as also the distribution network was required to be extended to hitherto uncovered areas & new habitations in and around Nongpoh. Accordingly a Quality Improvement Scheme was sanctioned in the year 1997 at a cost of Rs.110.57 Lakhs, which has since been completed.
Recently, a scheme for augmentatation of Nongpoh WSS has been posed to DONER for funding under NLCPR due to increase in water demand consequent to up gradation as town as also increase in population. The scheme will be taken up after sanction is received.

Following Water Supply Schemes covers Nongstoin township: -
1.Nongstoin WSS 2.Seijlieh WSS 3.Mawkawah WSS 4.Mawkadiang WSS 5.Nongpyndeng Mawkhlam WSS 6.Old Nongstoin WSS 7.Pyndengri WSS8.Mawrusiar WSS. 9. Upper New Nongstoin WSS. Recently, two more schemes namely (i) Mawrok Porsohsat WSS (ii) Mawrusiar Tiehsaw WSS has been sanctioned for improvement of water supply in Nongstoin town, for which works will be taken up during 2006-07. 

Mairang WSS taken up in the year 1980 was commissioned in the year 1986 with an amount of Rs.78.47 Lakhs for supply of water @ 40 LPCD. Some villages under Mairang township namely (1) Mawsawa (2) Sangshong (3) Mairang Bah (4) Mairang Mission East (5) Mawlong (6) Doummaralong are not getting sufficient water due to expansion of town & increase in population. Further with declaration of Mairang as town as per 2001 census, supply level is also needs to be increased to 70 LPCD, as per the norms of Govt. of India. An augmentation proposal was sanctioned during 2005-06 for an amount of Rs. 806.56 Lakhs funded under NLCPR. The works for the newly sanctioned scheme will be started during 2006-07.
The water supply in Mawkyrwat & its surrounding areas are provided through Mawkyrwat WSS, Mawkyrwat Civil Sub Divisional Complex WSS, Mawten WSS & Nonglang WSS. All these are pumping schemes. With the increase in population, the supply has become inadequate. An improvement of Mawkyrwat WSS is contemplated in the next financial year.
13. Amlarem

Amlarem WSS was taken up in the year 1981 for an amount of Rs.8.26 Lakhs. The scheme was commissioned in the year 1984.A renovation estimate for Amlarem WSS was taken up in the year 2000 for an amount of Rs.24.36 Lakhs and was completed in March 2002.At present there is no shortage of water supply and people are getting water as per the norm of 40 LPCD (Litres per capita per day)

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