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Achievement during Annual Plan 2007-08 under PHED: Meghalaya


Original Approved outlay during 2007-08 for the sector was Rs.4700.00 Lakhs, which was subsequently revised to Rs. 5334.00 Lakhs vide no. PLR.22/2008/9 dtd 13.3.08. Break up of the outlay of Rs.5334.00 Lakhs was as below:-

  • Rural Water Supply                               Rs. 3984.00 Lakhs.
    (Bharat Nirman Programme)
  • Nabard Loan for Ongoing RWS Projects   Rs. 400.00 Lakhs.
  • Nabard Loan for TSC                             Rs. 100.00 Lakhs.
  • Urban Water Supply Programme             Rs. 250.00Lakhs.
  • State share for Tura Phase-III WSS        Rs. 250.00 Lakhs.
  • Pollution Board                                      Rs. 30.00 Lakhs.
  • Urban Sanitation                                    Rs. 25.00 Lakhs.
  • Urban Maintenance                                Rs. 50.00 Lakhs.
  • Other Programmes                                Rs. 295.00 Lakhs.

As against this, the expenditure was Rs. 5124.00 Lakhs (96.06% of the approved outlay). The expenditure under State Sector Rural Water Supply Programme was Rs. 3984.00 Lakhs and another Rs. 290.00 Lakhs made available as loan from RIDF, totaling to Rs. 4274.00 Lakhs. The expenditure under Urban Water Supply Programme was Rs. 350.00 Lakhs. Rs. 100 .00 Lakhs was provided as State share for TSC. 

Under Central Sector ARWSP, as on 1.4.07, there was an unspent balance of Rs.1262.17 Lakhs. For 2007-08, Govt. of India allocated Rs.4446.00 Lakhs & released full amount in four installments. Another Rs. 1083.00 Lakhs was released under ARWSP on 31.3.08. Thus available fund under ARWSP was thus Rs.6791.17 Lakhs for 2007-08. As against this, the expenditure was Rs. 5661.16 Lakhs.
  • 1205 nos. of habitation (including NC/PC/Quality affected habitations) were provided with adequate safe water supply against a target of 1500 nos. of habitations (196 nos. under MNP, 998 nos. under ARWSP, 8 nos. under NLCPR & 3 nos. under Swajaldhara). List enclo
  • 149 schools & 39 ICDS centres were provided with water supply with 50:50 funding under State & Central plan.
  • Under Urban water supply sector, the fund was utilized for providing state share for Baghmara WSS & Tura Phase-III WSS funded under AUWSP(50:50 sharing basis)& NLCPR respectively and other ongoing schemes under Urban Water Supply Programme. Replacement of pumping machineries of Stage-II Pumping Station under Greater Shillong Water Supply Scheme was completed during the year & with this arrangement, the scheme is capable to supply ( ultimate designed capacity ) for the capital town. The water supply position in Shillong City has considerably improved after its commissioning.
List of Habitations that have been provided with Water Supply during the year 2007-2008

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