West Khasi Hills

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0.50 MLD Capacity Simplified Treament Plant at Pyndengrei WSS
1.20 MLD capacity Simplified Treatment plant for Nongstoin WSS
150mm dia MS gravity pipe line for pyndengrei WSS
150mm dia MS pipe & 100mm dia GI Pipe laid for Old Nongstoin WSS
Ferro cement clear water reservoir of hilland WSS under Mawkyrwat Division
GI tanks & platform of Mawshut WSS
Horizontal Roughing Filter for Mawshun Wahkdait WSS
Inlet Chamber for Pyndengrei WSS
Intake arrangement at Pyndengrei WSS
Intake of Khlieh Mawlieh WSS
Intake of Nongspung Comb WSS
Intake of Nongstoin WSS
Intake of Old Nongstoin WSS
Intake structure of Nongdaju Hydram WSS
Main reservoir of Nongstoin WSS
Reservoir at Pyndengrei WSS
Reservoir of Riwai WSS
Ring Well at Kseh mawnai village under Nongstoin Division
Storage reservoir at Mawnai WSS under Mairang sub Division
Three units of slow sand filter & circular reservoir for Mawrusyiar WSS