Tura Phase-III

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400mm dia MS gravity Main on supporting pillars
400mm dia MS gravity main crossing Ganol River
Alignment of MS pipe line is in progress
CWR Work is in progress
Clarifier under Construction for Tura Phase-III WSS
Completed Zonal Reservoir at Asibra
Completed Zonal Reservoir for Zone-I
Constructed Zonal Reservoir
Earth work for reservoir in progress
Heavy MS pipes being carried
Inside of MS pipes being painted to avoid corrossion
MS pipes for laying Gravity Main bein carried to site.
Overhead reservoir at Zone-VI.
Pipes being laid in trenches
Reinforcment for Overhead Reservoir at Zone-III
Source for Tura Phase-III WSS
Top View of CWR at Tura Phase-III WSS
Treatment Plant Building is in progress
Treatment Plant Building
Weir Constructed for Tura Phase III WSS