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Implementation of Total Sanitation Campaign (TSC) in MEGHALAYA.

Ministry of Rural Development, Department of Drinking Water Supply, Govt. of India launched Total Sanitation Campaign (TSC) in 1999-2000. TSC guidelines were revised and modified in January 2004. In Meghalaya, in January 2004, TSC project for East Khasi Hills & West Garo Hills were sanctioned. Subsequently for other districts, TSC projects were sanctioned. The project for South Garo Hills district was last sanctioned on 15.1.2008 but the sanction letter & fund not yet received for the district. Summary of the cost of TSC projects for all the seven districts are as below:-
Details Amount (Rs. In Lakhs)
Total cost 7186.05
Central Share 4530.95
State Share 1679.80
Beneficiary contribution 975.30
 Implementation of TSC is picking up in the State. Achievement so far made vis--vis Target /Objective is as below:-
Details Target under TSC programme (nos.) Achievement up to August 08(nos.)
IHHLs BPL 199837 17185
IHHLs APL 66414 14823
IHHLs TOTAL 266251 32008
San. Comp 290 43
School Toilets 8842 1535
Balwadi Toilets 1405 125
RSM 26 1
 So far Rs. 987.83 Lakhs has been released as Central Share. The state share required to be provided for implementation of TSC is Rs. 1680.00 Lakhs . Up to 2007-08, Rs. 110.68 Lakhs has been released a state share. During 2008-09, an outlay of Rs. 350.00 Lakhs has been agreed upon to be provided by the State for TSC. Expenditure so far incurred is Rs. 671.87 Lakhs. District wise target, physical & financial progress on TSC is enclosed at Annexure-A ,B& C.
Physical Achievement
Financial Achievement
Project Details

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