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Public Health Engineering Department under the Government of Meghalaya is run by one Principal Secretary, one Commissioner & Secretary and assisted by one Under Secretary. At the head of Department level, the administration is run by the Chief Engineer, Public health Engineering, Meghalaya, Shillong (re designated with effect from the 17th April, 1994). He is assisted by 5 (five) Additional Chief Engineer i.e. Addl. Chief Engineer (PHE), Zone-I, Shillong , Zone-II, Tura, HRD Cell, Shillong , Sanitation Cell, Shillong & newly created Zone-III,Shillong. The Zone-I comprises of Greater Shillong Circle& Electrical Circle and the prestigious Greater Shillong Water Supply Scheme along with other schemes falling under the Circle, are being looked after Addl. Chief Engineer (PHE) Zone-I.Zone-II comprising of three Districts of Garo Hills, is looked after by the Addl. Chief Engineer (PHE), Zone-II. The Urban and Rural Schemes pertaining to Tura Circle, covering entire Garo Hills areas are directly looked after by the Addl. Chief Engineer (PHE), Zone-II. Areas under Rural Circle, Shillong covering Ri-Bhoi District, West Khasi Hills District and most part of Jaintia Hills District and rest of East Khasi Hills District will be looked after by the newly created Additional Chief Engineer, PHE, Zone-III.

The Director HRD Cell looks after all maters relating to human resource development. The Addl. Chief Engineer (PHE), Sanitation Cell is looking after matters relating to implementation of Sanitation Program including TSC (Total Sanitation Campaign and Swajaldhara Programme apart from others 

In addition, one Deputy Chief Engineer, four Executive Engineers, one Chief Administrative officer-cum-vigilance officer, and one Deputy director, H.R.D. Cell assist the Chief Engineer & Additional Chief Engineers at the Directorate level. The office of the Chief Engineer, Public health Engineering, Meghalaya, Shillong has the following Branches headed by the responsible personnel as given below :-

(a) Establishment and General Branch

This branch is headed by one Superintendent under the Finance And Accounts Officer.

(b) Accounts Branch

This branch is headed by Finance and Accounts Officer with one Divisional Accounts Officer to advise in all financial Matters

(c) Budget Branch

This branch is headed by one Superintendent (Budget and Accounts) Assisted be Registrar (under the Finance and Accounts Officer). The branch deals with the requirement and Allotment of all funds , preparation of Non Plan Budget, dealing with audit Reports etc.

(d) Monitoring Cell

This branch is headed by the Executive Engineers (PHE) for looking after submission of Progress Report , Monitoring of Progress of works, Preparation of Plan Budget, Preparation of action plan etc for the Dept.

(e) Technical Branch

It is looked after the Deputy Chief Engineer and by two Executive Engineers namely Executive Engineer, PHE, Investigation and Planning and the Executive Engineer, PHE Planning and Design Cell & assisted by Assistant Engineers, Junior Engineers . Scrutiny of Schemes for Administrative approval, Technical Sanction etc are done in Technical Branch.

(f) H.R.D Cell

The Communication and capacity development unit comprising of HRD and IEC activities, sanctioned in april 2006 by Government of India has taken over for the implementation  of HRD and IEC activities

The administration at the District level is divided into Four Public health Engineering Circles and 17 Nos. of working divisions. Covering whole State of Meghalaya, i.e. as shown in the ORGANISATION STRUCTURE, separately under the administrative control of the Chief engineer, Public health Engineering, Meghalaya, Shillong. The name of important functionaries during the year 2005-06 are as below:


Secretariat Level

Minister i/c PHE
Commissioner and Secretary
Under Secretary

Directorate Level

Chief Engineer
Additional chief Engineer, Sanitation Cell
Additional chief Engineer, Zone-I
Additional chief Engineer, Zone-II
Additional chief Engineer, Zone-III
Executive Director, HRD Cell
Superintending Engineer, PHE, Monitoring Cell
Executive Engineer, PHE,I&P Cell
Executive Engineer, PHE, Resource Management
Chief Administrative Officer cum Vigilance Officer

Circle Level / Division/Sub-divisional Level  

PHE Rural circle, Shillong.

A.     PHE Hills Division,Shillong.

1. PHE Hills Sub-Division Shillong.



2. PHE RWS Store Sub-Division, Shillong.


B.     PHE Sohra Division, Sohra

1. PHE RWS Sohra Sub-Division Sohra.



2. PHE RWS Shella Sub-Division Shella


C.     PHE RWS Jowai Division, Jowai.

1. PHE Jowai Sub-Division, Jowai



2. PHE Special Invt. Sub- Division, Jowai.



3. PHE Khliehriat Sub-Division, Khliehriat


D.     PHE S&D Division Shillong.

1. PHE S&D Sub-Division, Shillong.


E.      PHE RWS Nongpoh Division Nongpoh.

1. PHE RWS Nongpoh Sub-Division Nongpoh.



2. PHE RWS Patharkhmah  Sub-Division Patharkhmah.


F.      PHE RWS Umsning Division Umsning.

1. PHE RWS Umsning Sub-Division, Umsning



2. PHE Umroi, Sub-division, Umroi

PHE Greater Shillong Circle , Shillong.

A.     PHE G.S.W.S. Division No. I, Shillong.

1.      PHE G.S.W.S. Colony Sub-Division Shillong.



2.      G.S.W.S. Water main Sub-Division, Shillong.


B.     PHE G.S.W.S. Division No. II, Mawphlang.

1.      PHE G.S.W.S. Dam Sub-Division Mawphlang.



2.      PHE G.S.W.S. Reservoir Sub-Division Mawphlang.



3.      PHE G.S.W.S. Distribution Sub-Division


C.     PHE Investigation Unit Division, Shillong.

1. PHE RWS Mechanical Sub-Division Shillong.



2. PHE Investigation Sub-Division, Shillong



3. PHE Pynursla Investegation  Sub-Division

PHE Electrical Circle, Shillong

A.     PHE Electrical Division Shillong.

1.      PHE Jowai Electrical Sub-Division


B.     PHE Electrical Division Mawphlang.

1.      PHE Shillong Electrical Sub-Division .



2.      PHE Mawphlang Electrical Sub-Division .



3.      PHE Sohiong Electrical Sub-Division

PHE Rural Circle, Tura.

A.     PHE Tura Division, Tura.

1. PHE Tura Sub-Division Tura.



2. PHE RWS Barengapara Sub-Division



3. PHE Tura Electrical Sub-Division


B.     PHE RWS Baghmara Division, Baghmara.

1. PHE Baghmara Sub-Division, Baghmara.



2. PHE RWS Chokpot Sub-Division, Barengapara.


C.     PHE Tura North Division, Tura

1. PHE Phulbari Spl Inv. Sub-division



2. PHE Ampati Spl Inv. Sub-division

PHE Simsanggiri Circle , Williamnagar

A.     PHE RWS Simsangiri Division, Williamnagar.

1. PHE RWS Williamnagar  Sub-Division.



2. PHE RWS Rongjeng Sub-Division, Rongjeng.


B.     PHE RWS Resubelpara Division, Resubelpara.

1. PHE RWS Mendipathar Sub-Division, Mendipathar.



2. PHE RWS Bajengdoba Division, Bajengdoba.



3. PHE Kharkutta Investigation Sub-Division

PHE Western Circle Nongstoin

A.     PHE RWS Nongstoin Division, Nongstoin.

1. PHE RWS Nongstoin Sub-Division, Nongstoin.



2. PHE RWS Mairang Sub-Division Mairang.


B.     PHE RWS Mawkyrwat Division, Mawkyrwat.

1. PHE Mawkyrwat Sub Division, Mawkyrwat.



2. PHE Ranikor Sub-division, Ranikor


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