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FINANCE (ESTABLISHMENT) DEPARTMENT  ,  No. FEG.9/84/Pt.4-Dated Shillong,  the 21st  December, 1988

FINANCE (ESTABLISHMENT) DEPARTMENT  ,  No. FEG.9/84/23-Dated Shillong,  the 6th August, 1986 . 


The rate of connection fee, security deposit and water charges were fixed in the State in 1973 . The rules have a provision for both metered connections and un-metered connections. In case of metered connection, a meter rent is also charged, if the meter is provided by the Dept. in addition to the water charges. Although there are provisions in the rules, so far metered connection have not been provided anywhere in the State. In case of un-metered connection, a flat rate of Rs. 6.50 per month is charged. The details are as blow:-

Details Urban/Semi Urban areas Rural Areas
1.Cost of application Re. 1.00 (Rs. 2/- in Jowai) Re. 1.00
2. Security Rs. 50.00 Rs. 50.00 (Rs. 100/- in Jowai)

3.Connection Fees

a). 15mm dia

Rs. 300.00

Rs. 300.00 (Rs. 500/- in Jowai)
b). 20mm dia Not Specified Not Specified
c). 25mm dia Not Specified Not Specified
4. Water Charges
 A. Metered Connection Not Specified Not Specified
B. Unmeter Connection
a).15mm dia Rs. 6.50 p.m  Rs. 6.50 p.m. (Rs.10/-p.m.in Jowai)
b). 20mm dia Not Specified Not Specified
c) 25mm dia Not Specified Not Specified
5. Bulk Water Supply Rs. 5.00/1000 gallon Not Specified

These rates have not been revised since then, and are considered too low, particularly the water charges which is not at all commensurate with the cost of operation and maintenance of water supply scheme. The O&M cost of Greater Shillong Water Supply Scheme is Rs.5.15/KL whereas the present charge is hardly Rs.0.25 per KL. With the increase in electricity tariff, salaries of staff, and cost of other inputs, the cost of operation and maintenance is going up day by day. & shall go up further in future. All the new connections provided in Pynthor - umkhrah, Nongrim Hills, Nongshilliang etc., areas were charged with a monthly tariff of Rs.70.00.The consumers are paying regularly @ Rs.70.00/month for connection.

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